Old SI Logo
Unveiled Logo at 2023 Convention

SIKC member, Marcia Boutz, made the trop to Dublin, Ireland for the Soroptimist International Convention, held July 27-29, 2023. She provided the club with a summary of her experiences.

While at the Business Meeting, they unveiled a new logo. Along with the new logo, a new flag was also shown.

Additional updates:

• Presidents Appeal will not be continuing after September 20, 2023. Instead, the new Soroptimist International Foundation will take its place.
• Newest Federation, Africa Federation presented a workshop on their project of Eliminating Cervical Cancer in Africa by 2030.
• One of the five Federations changed their name to South East Asia Pacific Federation.

For additional information about the convention and Marcia’s update, visit the Soroptimist International website. Marcia’s update is in our September SIKC Newsletter with many great pictures, and her after convention adventures with her sister.