Live Your Dream Award – Old

This award is a signature program of Soroptimist International of the Americas. Each year our first place winner is also submitted to the South Central Region to be considered for a Region award. Region winners are submitted to Soroptimist International of the Americas to be considered for a Federation award.

The entire application process is online! 

The Application Portal is open August 1 – November 15 each year.

Each eligible applicant should

  • click the below application weblink
  • click the Start My Application button (located towards the bottom left)
  • sign in or register for SurveyMonkey Apply
  • select Soroptimist International of Kansas City
  • complete the application

THE APPLICATION WEBPAGE: Live Your Dream Application

Last year, we gave four Live Your Dream Awards to women who are

  • Head of household and 
  • Enrolled in school while working to support their families. 

The cash awards may be spent in any way the winners choose. Winners are chosen from among the applicants by judges from the local community.

Preparing your application

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your application:

  • Plan who your references will be: No need to collect letters; there is an online reference form. Until then, think about who your two biggest cheerleaders are … they can be mentors, teachers, counselors, supervisors, colleagues, or case managers.
  • Draft your personal statement: The Live Your Dream Awards are all about helping women who have faced obstacles on the path to living their dreams. In 750 words or less, tell us how you think this could help you live your dream.
  • Mark your calendar: The Application Portal is open August 1 – November 15 each year.